Major/Minor Research Projects funded by various agencies Research Projects –Major –National

 Name of the Principal           Investigator       Department        Funding Agency       Title of the Project

 Dr.Shrimati Das

ENGLISH National Commission for Women (NCW) Govt. of India, New Delhi ‘Cyber Crimes Against Women’

 Dr.Shrimati Das


University Grants Commission Major Project

‘Language Competency, Cultural Acclimatization and Gender Representation in ITES /BPO Workforce- A Study of Five States in India’
Dr Smt. Z H Mulla HINDI University Grants Commission ‘Media Me “Hindi Urdu Ka Sambandh-Ek Bhashik Vivechan”

Research Projects –Major – International

Name of the Research Associate Name of the Research Assistant Department Funding Agency  Title of the Project

 Dr.Shrimati Das



Dr.Disha Madan

ENGLISH Massey University, New Zealand & IIT Kharagpur- Pro Bono Ethnographic Studies of Anglo Indians in Small Towns- A Global Survey’

Minor Research Projects

Name of the Research Associate       Department        Funding Agency       Title of the Project

Dr. D.A.Allibhai

KANNADA UGC Janpada Kunitadalli Samaajika Souhardate

Shri. H.M.Tarafdar



Child Labour informal Sector with special reference to health status in Hubli city
Shri A. I Shigli STATISTICS UGC Demographic Profile Of Migrant Population Of Hubli-Dharwad Dist.: A Statistical Analysis Using Roger-Catro Model
DR R.C Hiremath ECONOMICS UGC Industrial Sickness in small scale units “ A case study of growing cities : Hubli Dharwad in Karnataka

Minor Research Projects

Name of the Research Associate       Department        Funding Agency       Title of the Project

Dr Saira Navalgund

HINDI UGC Saathottari Hindi Bal Sahitya

Dr Asha. N.Rabb



Indian Widowhood: Cross Lingual Cinematic Representation
Shri. N.B.Badiger (Expired) Co-investigator. Dr.M.M.Dhalyat ENGLISH UGC A Training based approach to the Development of Writing Skills in English for the under graduate level  of Kannada medium learners from rural background --- an experiment
Major.Dr.M.F.Ansari ZOOLOGY UGC Studies on Avian Fauna of Attiveri Wetland in Karnataka


  Department    2010-11  2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16


‘English Knowledge for  Daily Wagers: A Survey and Coaching’ ‘English For Service Sector Personnel- Hospitality Industries-A Survey and Coaching ‘Reviving  the Love for Reading The Classics’- A Survey of Reading Habit Amongst Students ‘Corporate Grooming  and Training For Graduates’ ‘Book Bank: A Survey of local Institutions for their Book Needs’ ‘American Accent Training For Graduates- A follow-up on a survey of BPO/ITES Workforce’


‘Financial Performance of Self Help Group: A case study of Byahatti Village’

‘Marketing and Consumer satisfaction in Parle industry :A study of LVT’

‘Case study of Customer satisfaction for Airtel’ “Health and Safety Measures at WCPM, Dandeli ‘Small Scale Industries: A case study in Tarihal Industrial Area’ ‘Customer reciprocation -Big Bazaar’


‘Hindi Kahavate:Ek Adhyayan’



‘Hindi Ke Pracheen Pratinidhi Kavi’






‘Soofi Santh Sahitya’

‘Hindi Kahaneeyo me Muslim Samvedana’




‘Hindi Sahitya Aur Cinema’

Vidyalay Prabandh Evam Prashashan Mein Computer Ka Prayog- Ek Shodh Charcha’

‘Rastreeya Prateek’


‘Premchand- Ek Adhyayan’




‘Jan Sanchar Madhyamon Mein Hindi’

‘Chayavad ke Char Adhar Stambh’



‘Hindi Ke Atmakathakar’
Kannada ‘Dr.Bendre Badaku Baraha’ ‘Uttar Karnataka Janapad Atagalu’ ‘Jnanapeeth Prashasti Veejaet Kannada Sahitigalu’ ‘Janapada Abharanagalu’ “Rastra Kavigalu “Dr ChannaveeraKanavi Badaku Baraha”
Urdu ‘Urdu Safar Naame – Ek Jaaeza’ ‘Alisardar Jaffary –Hayat Aur Fun’ ‘Urdu Ke Aham Novel Nigar’ ‘Urdu ke Ghair Muslim Dastan Nigar’ Chakubast Shakshiyyath Aur Fun Kalam-e-Iqbal ki- manuvyat

‘A Study on Consumers  satisfaction Towards Nandini  Milk,  Hubli’

‘Socio-Economic conditions of migrated labour- A case study’

‘An economic analysis of empowerment of women: A case study of Old Hubli’

‘The functions of direct transfer of cash subsidy system  in  India’

Socio Economic problems in Slum areas  study of Moula Ali Slum Area of Hubli City

A Study on Socio Economic condictions of child labour in Hubli City
History ‘Splendour of Structural Monuments of Bankapur’ ‘Bankapur City and its Religious Places’ ‘Vesara Style of Architecture’ ‘Indo Sarasnaik Style of Architecture’ Adil Shahi Architecture Dravidian style in Architecture
Sociology ‘Problems of Muslim working Women in Urban Area’ ‘Parda System: A Socio-Cultural  Survey’

‘Slum Area in Hubli: A Survey

Health Status of Muslim Women in Slum Area: A Survey’ Sociological views on Indian Villages : A Re-look Corruption : Its Consequences and fall outs”
  ‘Socio Economic Background of Beggars- A Case Study of Hubli City’ ‘Gender Discrimination :A Sociological Study’ ‘Status of Muslim Women in Slum Area: A Study of Hubli City’ ‘Marriages in India’ Socio Economics Condition of Mobile Users Sanitary Conditions in Rural Communities: A Case Study of Gangiwal Village
Political Science ‘Empowerment of Women : Strategies and Actions’ ‘Awareness of Human rights’ ‘Measures for the upliftment of weaker section’ ‘Awareness of voting rights among the people’ Conduct of Sessions of Parliament Financial condition of Backward Class with special reference to Settlement area in Hubli
Commerce ‘A Case Study of Big Bazaar, Hubli’ ‘Working of National Stock Exchange’ ‘A Study on e-Banking’ ‘Behaviour of investors in the stock exchange’ ‘Working Capital Management’ ‘Buying Behaviour : A Study with special reference to FMCG’
Physics ‘Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorem, Experimental Set up’ ‘Common Emitter Amplifier: Its design and fabrication’ ‘High pass and Low pass filter circuits: Its design and fabrication’ ‘Construction of voltage multipliers using diodes and capacitors’ ‘Solar Cell Characteristics, an experimental set up’ ‘Construction of Multirange Voltmeter, an Experimental set up’
Chemistry ‘Water testing for Potability’ ‘Bio Diesel’ ‘Electrical Conductivity of a given water sample’

‘Food Adulteration Test’ 

‘Soil Testing’
‘Tensile Strength of a given material’ ‘Compression Strength of  Concrete Blocks’

‘Curve Tracing’

‘Application: Double and Triple Integrals’ ‘Mathematical Modeling and Dynamics’ ‘Modeling and Compound Interest’ ‘Great Mathematicians and their Contribution’ ‘Population of growth model’
  ‘Differential Calculus and Curvatures’ ‘Improper Integrals’ ‘Mathematical Modeling and Brachidtochrone Problem’

‘Teaching Mathematical Modeling’

‘Some Work on Mathematical Modeling’ ‘Mathematical modeling through the system of differential equations’
Zoology ‘Observations of House Swallow Hinundo tahitica in the College campus’ ‘Studies on Silk worm rearing practices in Hubli’ ‘Blood group checking of Teaching and Non teaching’ ‘Studies on Physio-Chemical parameters of Santosh Nagar Pond’ ‘Hemoglobin estimation of Teaching /Non Teaching Staff’ ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management in Hubli City’
  ‘Seasonal Studies on the fishes available in Hubli Fish market’ ‘Studies on the Avifauna of Nehru College Campus’ --- --- ‘Blood Group Checking of UG Science Students’ ‘Hemoglobin estimation of Teaching and Non teaching’
Botany ‘Floral Diversity of Christian colony and Church’ ‘Fungal Diseases of food grains in crop fields in Budnal area’ ‘Pollen Morphology and Viability of family Solanaceae’ Vegetables of family Bracicacae (Cruciferae) ‘Impact of Human Activity on Weather and Climate –A case study of Christian Colony’

1.‘Medicinal Plants used by Vaids/Hakeems in curing Diabetes and Hypertension’
2. Asteracae as source of oil yielding Angeosperms

Computer Science

‘Data Transmission Using Multitasking Sockets’

‘Measuring Image Quality’

‘A study on Online Trading  system at Interconnected stock-Exchange of India’ ‘Hospital Management’ ‘E-Commerce growth in International Market’

‘ Internet Banking ‘

  ‘Generation Of UPCA Barcode & Its Image based Reading’ ‘Marketing Using Multilevel’ ‘A Study on effectiveness of  Training on Employees performance’            ‘Library Management’ ‘Smart Class’ ‘Online College Record Management system’

Publications  BY FACULTY:

Publications at a glance: 2009-2015

Sl No Faculty

Total No. of Publications



2. Hindi 14
3. Kannada 09
4. Urdu 04
5. Economics 03
6. Sociology 04
7. Physics 04
8. Botany 01
9. Commerce 05
10. Library Science 01
11. Physical Education 06
  Total 112
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