The Anjuman-e-Islam is the premier central organization of Muslims of Hubli city. Founded in the year 1903, by no less a personality than the celebrated visionary of his time, Ali Janab Sardar Mehboob Ali Khan Saheb-the brother of the then Nawab of Savanur. The organization holds the distinction of being the first and the oldest Anjuman in Karnataka State.
‘Service unto Humanity’ being the spirited vision, the Anjuman has been rendering yeomen service to the cause of society.
It holds the distinction of administering as many as 25 Educational Institutions spread over five Anjuman Educational Complexes imparting education from Nursery to Post Graduation and Research. The institutions of Anjuman are open to all citizens irrespective of their caste, creed or community.
On the occasion of centenary celebration of Anjuman-e-Islam Hubli, the then President of India, Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam graced the occasion. As a part of the centenary celebrations, the Management has constructed a fifty bed Anjuman Hospital and Research Centre in the heart of the city.

Carving out our own philosophy, following the footsteps of the illustrious son of India, Pandit Nehru, after whom this six decades plus institution is named, is one of ‘full transparency and honesty’ in all our academic endeavors. This is done to ensure the highest standard of propriety in public perception of this twin city of Hubli-Dharwar.

We have relentlessly bettered ourselves in providing a ‘safe haven’ for the girls in this minority institution, which caters to more than 1121 students, and walking the balance beam, the girls are equal in number to the boys. We provide same campus progression from 3 UG to PG in 3 streams and affordable higher education attainment, thereby providing a ‘comfort zone’.

We are known for the ‘Mobility - Decibility -Visibility’ of Teachers and Students in presenting joint research oriented papers in National and International conferences and seminars and in joint publications in refereed International and National journals.

Dedicated and qualified faculty, who are themselves the best available, is the backbone for  growth and core of our existence- Post Doctoral,  D.Litts, Ph. Ds and M. Phil’s- all with proper intellectual nerve and ability.
Dr.Sardar Hussain. M.sc.ph.D
 Nehru Arts, Science, Commerce, BBA, BCA College and Post Graduate Center (NCH) is a  subsidiary of a century plus old organization Anjuman-e-Islam, Hubli with prime aim to empower the minorities, women and under privileged sections of society. We believe ‘‘knowledge begets Power’.

NCH has taken giant strides and crossed half a century towards ACADEMIC REFINEMENT.

Operating from an under privileged part of the city of Hubli, Karnataka, Nehru College, accredited and re accredited with A Grade by NAAC, continues to impart Under Graduate and Post Graduate education to a student strength of 1200, both for boys and girls with a gender balance.

We prepare our students with positive attributes impacting their lives, whether in the classrooms or the world at large.  Our students are ‘job ready’ through formal and informal education, when they step out of the portals of this higher education institution.

A coveted league of teachers and instructors dispense quality education in under graduate courses of Arts, Science, Commerce, BBA, BCA, and Post Graduate courses in English, Economics, and Commerce.

The College is situated at Hubli, North Karnataka, affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad, and the second oldest University in this state.Hubli- Dharwad the second largest cities after Bangalore, is an educational hub, with right academic climate, and boasts of an upcoming IIT, the preeminent technical educational institution in India, a prestigious Law University and University of Agricultural Sciences, Medical and Dental Colleges, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy Colleges, Engineering Colleges, University College of Education and the highest number of private aided degree colleges is in North Karnataka. Operating from such an ambience, gives NCH a head start in higher education set up.


NCH does not discriminate against any person on the basis of religion, gender, age, handicap, and region. This ‘all inclusive’ policy of ours reflected in our vision and mission, covers all programmes, services, policies, and procedures of this institution, including admission process, to education  programmes. The College encapsulates everything and anything, which are ‘student friendly’.

The faculty teachers are of very high academic quality, many of them have gone international for their achieved goals. We have as many as 16 Ph.D. holders and an equal number of M.Phil’s in our staff roster. They all have an obligation to make curricula relevant in specific learning situations, but the dispensation is in many innovative ways, for the 1200 strong students learning community.
We are grounded in our academic work, so also our CSR results, which are immediately tangible, and rewarding. We produce socially inclusive, highly employable graduates and post graduates, many of them go on to becomes entrepreneurs and employers.

The ballooning number of girl students has spurred incredible feedbacks from all our stakeholders of education. A safe and sound environment is what the parents look out for their girls. It is our bold claim, and we give it. 

Setting a firm foot in North Karnataka education scenario, this minority institution has its own ways of imparting quality education, and we do it pretty well.
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